Reader's Guide

Reader's Companion for Into Daylight


Massachusetts Poetry Festival
The Writer’s Almanac
Pioggia Obliqua (Italy)
Santa Fe Radio Cafe
Smartish Pace

Poems Online

The Yale Review
“The Light in the Marsh Grass”
“Higher Education”

“Sharing a Painting”

The New York Times

The New Republic
“C Student,” “For Clare,” “Renewal,” “Father's Day”

Best American Poetry/Columbia College Today
“Higher Education”

The Hudson Review
“My Father’s Sweater,” “The Cruelty of Metaphor,” and “Departure”

The Kenyon Review
“Horseshoe Contest”
“Politics of the Dead”
About “Politics of the Dead”

The Bogliasco Foundation
“Girl Carrying a Suitcase”

The Southern Review
“Girl Carrying a Suitcase”

The American Scholar
“Museum of Fine Arts,” “Hatbox”

32 Poems
“Kitchen Incident”
‘On “Kitchen Incident”’

“Naïve Roofscape”

Poetry Daily
“All Down the Lake,” “Varnishing Days,” “Eft”

Verse Daily
“Mailboxes in Late Winter,”  “Green Canoe,” “Walking with Eliza”

Academy of American Poets
“Mushrooming,” “Last Advice,” “Enough,” “The Figure on the Hill”

“On Bitching,” “Incomplete Knowledge,” “Lord, Deliver Us This Affliction,”
“To Kenneth Koch”

American Life in Poetry
“How it Worked,” “Mailboxes in Late Winter,” “Nest,” “Visitation”

Poetry Northwest
“Custody of the Eyes”

The Common
“A Drink of Water,” “Cross-Fertilization”

The New Criterion

Cimmaron Review
“Thoughts on a Woolly Bear,”, “Pump,”, “Stolen Draft”

Columbia Magazine
“Light Snow,” “Out Back” (scroll down)

“Thinning the Spruces”

Poet of the Month
Harrison on poets and poetics.

Poetry 180:
“Our Other Sister”

Poetry Foundation
“How It Worked,”
Previously: “Adirondack Moosehead,” “Bathtubs, Three Varieties,” “Convenience Store,” “Entry in a Baby Book: Two Weeks,” “Mycology,” “Not Waking Up,” “Operation Teddy Bear,” “Poem for Roland,” “Political Poem,” “Shaker Chair,” “Swifts at Evening,” “The Hummingbird Feeder,” “The One That Got Away,” and “Visitation”

Writer’s Almanac
4/7/95 “The Otter in in the Washington Zoo”
10/5/95 “In the Attic”
10/24/95 “A Field Guide to Mosses”
10/4/03 “Vietnam Scrapbook”
9/24/05 “Our Other Sister”
6/25/06 “Green Canoe”
2/25/07 “The Investigation”
5/11/12 “Rilke's Fear of Dogs”
5/3/12 “Wherever You Are”
8/3/12 “Interval”
3/31/14 “To a Snake”
4/16/14 “Renewal”
5/7/14 “The Figure on the Hill”
10/15/14 “Temple”
10/18/14 “Commuter Buddhist”
11/18/14 “Adirondack Moosehead”
11/21/14 “The Shoulders of Women”
3/4/15 “The Day Nothing Happened”
3/10/15 “A Drink of Water”
4/2/15 “The Day You Looked Upon Me As A Stranger”
4/5/2017 “The Same River”

Connotation Press
Green Mountains Review: “Afterword,” "You Don't Put Flowers in Poems"
Spoon River Poetry Review, “Work”
Waywiser Press
Four Ways Books, including “Inauguration of a House”
Orion: “Bridge”
Michigan Quarterly Review: “The Diver”


Pioggia Obliqua (Italy)
Portal Kultura (Bulgaria)

Essays, Blogs, etc.

Finding an Arrangement

A Quest for “Infant Sight”: The Travel Poems of Eizabeth Bishop

“How a Poem Happens”


The Hopkins Review
Columbia magazine
ForeWord review by Melanie Drane of Incomplete Knowledge
The Virginia Quarterly Review (scroll down), George David Clark reviews Incomplete Knowledge
Jordan Davis reviews Incomplete Knowledge
PN Review
New York Times Book Review
New York Times

Book Sense:
The Spring 2007 Book Sense Poetry Top Ten


The Common: A Drink of Water


Hudson Valley Writers Center:
Jeffrey Harrison Reading “Outback” and “Cross-Fertilization”

Jeffrey Harrison is available to give readings, interviews, visit schools, or teach workshops; contact by email: jeffrey.harrison@comcast.net